Leah Troxel


"What a journey therapeutic teacher training has been, not only on a physical level but on the mental and emotional levels as well. I have incredible amounts of gratitude for Liz Heffernan and Molly Masaoka. They made such an impact on my own personal practice of yoga along with my aspirations and goals as a yoga teacher. Both Liz and Molly teach in their own unique style. With phenomenal detail and with such grace, Liz and Molly make the therapeutic teacher content accessible and enjoyable! I feel incredibly fortunate to not only be learning how to teach yoga effectively for health but to be continually able to have alignment principles to base my continued yoga learning and aspirations as a yoga teacher.

I feel through this training I have learned a solid foundation of my body and of my understanding the continued beautiful path of yoga.

One of the most important things I was wanting to find on my path was a balance between alignment and philosophy. This therapeutic teacher training was the perfect fit. The content of this training far exceeded my expectations. I feel confident in my understanding of the workings of the physical body and how our bodies are really the "vessels" in which we say to higher states of health and happiness.

I feel philosophy and alignment go hand in hand. They are two of the most influential pieces in my opinion to becoming an effective yoga teacher.

The AlohaYoga teacher training here at Kalani's on the Big Island of Hawaii is powerful for the self and also for the future of yoga teachers.

I am incredibly blessed, to be filled with more knowledge, a deeper understand and love for yoga. Thank you Molly and Liz. With all my gratitude... And in peace! "