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Mary Begier

Breathe, just breathe...It's something I had heard from time to time. It's something I told myself when encountering frustrating situations but I can’t say that it really squelched my temper or reduced my stress. Not until I started practicing yoga at Yoga Centered in 2008 did I really understand how incredibly valuable my breath could be in how I live my life.

It started slowly in 2008. Practicing yoga is an ongoing journey of self-learning, self-care. Learning positions and the Sanskrit were early lessons then the AH HA moments began… recognizing a new tranquility, a deeper level of patience with people and situations.

Next, not even reacting to scenes I may have earlier in life. When I acted short with my husband and he started to ask if I had missed my yoga practice, I realized how valuable this yoga thing had become.

Now at the beginning of the 11-year mark I find that going inside myself, thinking about my body, my spirit, my integrity as I move from one pose to the next makes 60 or 75 minutes of a practice fly by as if we’ve only been on our mats for 15 or 20 minutes. In the past I sometimes had the attitude of just getting through it. I’ve had the self talk of shame on me for wasting the prior 8-10 years just going through the motions, learning poses, etc. but not receiving the full benefit. Then I got past that recrimination and chalked it up to a precursor of good self-care. Self-care is not just exercise or healthy eating or proper bathing but the way I look at my life, my family, my friends, my clients, my co-workers, my contributions to the world around me. All of it is enhanced by focusing on breathing, yes, breathing good quality deep breathes whether sitting in meditation or in traffic. Breathe, just breathe!

Thank you Yoga Centered O'hana for your instruction, your kindness and for being the kind of place that so many incredible, varied people/personalities can come together to breathe!