I love how my mind feels after doing yoga, calm and rejuvenated; and I love seeing the progression/improvement in what my body can do over time, feeling stronger and seeing it overall shaping up. My favorite thing about Yoga Centered are the awesome instructors, the fellowship with the other yoginis, and the flexible class schedule offered 7 days a week! I have arthritis and osteoporosis, and I used to take Celebrex for the pain and Actonel for bone density but the risks (heart attack and side effects) were pretty bad so I decided to just take low dose aspirin and stop taking my Actonel. Practicing yoga has helped in pain management, as I have NO pain in my fingers, back, hips and knees. My doctor said that my osteoporosis hasn't worsened. I have lost 10 pounds, dropped a dress size, inches off, eat more mindfully, and best of all, am so much nicer to my kids. I try not to scream and yell as it doesn't feel right anymore. The breathing has totally helped me stay calm in almost all situations. I do class presentations to high schooler's (sometimes 40-60 kids) and I'm more calm. The physical and mental benefits keep me coming back!