Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter

Molly’s teaching style is a beautiful dance between sthira-sukham, steadiness and ease. Molly is a dedicated practitioner whose teaching reveals her depth of experience and her intelligence, warmth and genuine devotion to Yoga and to her students."

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Beryl Bender Birch

I was inspired by the degree of commitment and respect shown to me as a guest teacher. Molly and her teachers have done a great job of teaching yoga in it’s fullest expression here in Hilo. Keep up the good work Yoga Centered – hope to see you for many more years to come.

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Mary Begier

Breathe, just breathe...It's something I had heard from time to time. It's something I told myself when encountering frustrating situations but I can’t say that it really squelched my temper or reduced my stress. Not until I started practicing yoga at Yoga Centered in 2008 did I really understand how incredibly valuable my breath could be in how I live my life.

It started slowly in 2008. Practicing yoga is an ongoing journey of self-learning, self-care. Learning positions and the Sanskrit were early lessons then the AH HA moments began… recognizing a new tranquility, a deeper level of patience with people and situations.

Next, not even reacting to scenes I may have earlier in life. When I acted short with my husband and he started to ask if I had missed my yoga practice, I realized how valuable this yoga thing had become.

Now at the beginning of the 11-year mark I find that going inside myself, thinking about my body, my spirit, my integrity as I move from one pose to the next makes 60 or 75 minutes of a practice fly by as if we’ve only been on...

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Wayne Anders

Being in my 60’s, wanting more flexibility and relief for my back and neck pain, I started at Yoga Centered about 4 years ago. It has since become a large part of my life. Yoga has helped with pain and inflammation in those areas as well as other areas, it has helped reduce stress, inspired me to establish a healthier diet, and increased my core strength. Aside from the physical benefits, I’ve discovered the power of meditation and the connection between mind and body, learning to let go of stressors in life and to be more comfortable with myself and others. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and have always been mindful of any injuries that might affect anyone in the class. I highly recommend Yoga Centered. In hindsight, starting the practice of yoga is one of the most beneficial decisions I have ever made. It remains a highly prized part of my life!



Since I started practicing yoga I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my life, my relationships, my body. I feel so much stronger and I appreciate the journey. I want to just keep learning more and my passion for practice continues to expand.


Patsy Withers

I started practicing yoga at Yoga Centered 14 years ago and I still LOVE going there everyday. I can hardly wait, it’s like taking a deep breath of relief when I step in the door. I love the ambiance of Yoga Centered, it’s not only a beautiful space, it’s full of beautiful people of all sorts, we are one big happy family, bonding in an amazing experience. I was hooked on my first yoga class I took at Yoga Centered and will make it a priority for the rest of my life.

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Elise Legge

Throughout the course of my 15 years of practicing yoga, I have been fortunate, blessed, grateful, overjoyed, to have found Yoga Centered & Boutique. I, personally, feel like it's my home away from home. These strong, dynamic and diverse group of instructors offer their dedicated and powerful teaching styles. It has made me feel grounded, powerful, determined, and focused. All the staff and the students are always, caring, friendly, helpful, thoughtful and an affectionate group. I feel that it is a loving and welcoming environment. Thank you all for playing a role in my life, and I feel blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you.



I love how my mind feels after doing yoga, calm and rejuvenated; and I love seeing the progression/improvement in what my body can do over time, feeling stronger and seeing it overall shaping up. My favorite thing about Yoga Centered are the awesome instructors, the fellowship with the other yoginis, and the flexible class schedule offered 7 days a week! I have arthritis and osteoporosis, and I used to take Celebrex for the pain and Actonel for bone density but the risks (heart attack and side effects) were pretty bad so I decided to just take low dose aspirin and stop taking my Actonel. Practicing yoga has helped in pain management, as I have NO pain in my fingers, back, hips and knees. My doctor said that my osteoporosis hasn't worsened. I have lost 10 pounds, dropped a dress size, inches off, eat more mindfully, and best of all, am so much nicer to my kids. I try not to scream and yell as it doesn't feel right anymore. The breathing has totally helped me stay calm in almost all situations. I do class presentations to high schooler's (sometimes 40-60 kids) and I'm more calm....



Since I started practicing yoga I have learned a lot about “letting go” and “non attachment” and have integrated it into my life more and more. I am much less judgemental, more accepting and patient person with my employees, family, and friends. It just feels good!



Yoga has helped me to develop a much more compassionate acceptance of myself, and am able to show that to the people in my life as well. I feel a deeper sense of peacefulness and contentment with where I am right now in my life.



Nothing compares to Yoga Centered, I have lived and traveled all over the islands and truly never found anything like it. The yoga teachers are the best, the boutique is the best, and the community is the best.



As scared as I was about what is look like or how UNABLE/INEXPERIENCED I am or how people were gonna laugh at me... I quickly figured out that none of that mattered! It was/is me being super critical of myself and needing to learn and experience something new! I am so in love with your classes! Thank you so much for doing what you do! It's a blessing to people like me!


Sianna Sherman

Molly is living her dharma by teaching and sharing yoga in her community. We should have a lot of gratitude for her courage. Yoga Centered is beautiful place to teach and practice.