Private Yoga Session

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Private Yoga can be extremely beneficial as your primary practice, or the perfect compliment to your home or studio practice. We have a true passion for working one-on- one with students who want to “improve their practice,” or who have injury, limited mobility and/or experiencing any kind of imbalance in their bodies or lives.

Private yoga gives us a better opportunity to dialogue with you, customize, and often introduce other yoga practices such as pranayama, mudra, mantra, meditation and/or simply modifications to suit your needs and meet your goals. We “get to know each” other on a much deeper level and the kind of break-throughs and transformations that are possible with private yoga are very powerful. We also have the opportunity to record our sessions and create a personalized home practice for you, too.

Private yoga can also help to clarify or de-mystify yoga and incorporate practical and simple tools and techniques to live a healthier, more balanced life!