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40 Days to Transformation


Can 40 Days of Yoga Lead to Personal Transformation? Absolutely. Yoga practice transforms our life when it becomes an integral part of it: when it is a daily practice that we are sincerely committed to for our own well being as much as for all beings. The asana is only one of the 8 limbs of yoga practice that ultimately guide us toward a more enlightened way of living. Though our practice of any limb will gradually lead to an interest and practice of another.

Transformation? Well...it is generally agreed on that 21-40 days is the time needed to ingrain a new habit. It is recommended that the activity be performed at least once a day and suggested that it may help if it is at about the same time each day. People around the country are participating in a 40 day practice of asana, meditation and nutrition combined with the study of yogic philosophy and many of them say yes, it has truly been life changing. We would like to offer you the opportunity to cultivate positive new habits through the exploration of yoga and experience for yourself your own personal transformation!

"A few days of yoga practice and contemplation may help for a short time, but the benefits will not last forever. We have to engage in these practices constantly because although we may be further on today than yesterday, tomorrow we may slip back a step tomorrow. " TKV Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga

Four days of studio Yoga practice per week.

You may attend any class and any time of the day you like. We ask is that your commitment to this be sincere.

Two days of home Yoga practice or Studio Practice per week.

A powerful way to learn to motivate yourself on your mat. You can use the practice outlined in the book, or a CD or DVD, or let the creative juices flow and design your own practice. If you are not yet inspired to practice at home, please join us at the studio for these 2 days!

One day per week of "active rest".

Make a commitment to include rest and rejuvenation in your weekly schedule - get a massage/bodywork, sleep-in, walk in nature, etc.

Cleansing diet...

Not so much a diet to follow, but using the guidelines set out in Baron Baptiste's book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, you will intuitively learn to make healthy, wholesome food choices that are nourishing and sustaining.

Three day fruit fast

Done in the fourth week, this is an amazing way to give your digestive system a rest, lighten your body and cleanse from the inside out.

Daily meditation practices

Each day there is a morning and evening meditation practice to complete. Again, guidelines are in the book, or you can use a meditation style that works for you (CD, etc)

Development of a personal exploration diary

We suggest you keep your own journal during this experience, it can be very empowering to look back over it at the end and see how you have transformed! There are questions at the end of each chapter of 40 Days that are designed to provoke introspection, helping you to delve into your mind, identifying old mental patterns and creating new ones. Your journaling is for you only, and does not need to be shared.

Group discussion and meditation

Each Sunday afternoon from 11:45am-12:45pm (sometimes until 1:45pm) Molly will lead a group "check-in" where we share thoughts and feelings that come up, learn to meditate, and most importantly meet our fellow yogis in transformation.

The Investment $225 includes:

•40 Days of Unlimited Yoga (class cards will be frozen)

•40 Days to Personal Revolution' by Baron Baptiste

•Weekly check-ins, group discussion and meditations that include:

*FREE mini acupuncture, Neuroemmotional Technique sessions with acupuncturist and Chinese Herablist Momi Aiu and other local holistic demos and

educational sessions on massage, essential oils and much more!

•Discount Cards valid during program for acupuncture with Momi Aiu, massage with Elisha Starr, cranial-sacral with Hope Delaney, esthetician services with Iris Huddy,

juices from Big Island Juice, healthy food from Surf Break Cafe

•10% off all items in the boutique

•Cleansing Diet and Three Day cleanse (many options available)

•Development of personal exploration diary (journal included)

-A supportive kula to support you on your journey!