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Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training

September 8, 2017 - September 10, 2017

The Alchemy of Buddha Yoga

A Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training Course

With La He’a Steele

The Alchemy of Buddhi Yoga is a total Shakti enhanced system of freedom! Taking the elements of the spiritual approach in yoga combined with liberating hip movements, music and heat, it is an unforgettable experience that delivers results on the spot!

In this course we start by tuning into the subtle energetic body then proceed to explore the individual elements of the Buddhi Yoga system. BY offers a synergistic, wholesome, re awakening of your inner and outer rhythm.

This certification allows you to have the rights of the Buddhi Yoga Level 1 Teacher, to lead and teach classes commercially and independently, use of logo and brand name.

Friday 9/8:


Saturday 9/9: 11:30am-3:30pm & 5:30pm- 8:30pm

Sunday 9/10: 12:00-3:30pm, 5:30-7:00pm

Price: $425